Single investment window

Thanks to the Private Investment Processing Electronic System (SETIP) of the Angolan Private Investment and Export Promotion Agency (AIPEX) you can submit your investment proposal and monitor the progress of your application from anywhere in the world.

Privatizations in Angola

Angola has been restructuring its public business sector for some years now, through the liquidation and privatization of various public companies and other state-owned assets. The restructuring has been accompanied by a significant review of legislation and practices, in order to give greater competition to all stakeholders:

  • Meeting public finance sustainability objectives
  • Fostering macroeconomic stability
  • Stimulate increased productivity in the national economy
  • Promoting a more equitable distribution of national income

The privatization processes are conducted by the Institute for the Management of State Assets and Holdings (IGAPE), a body under the Angolan government's Ministry of Finance. On its website, you can find the announcements of public tenders for the privatization of these public assets and all the relevant information. IGAPE frequently organizes

For more information on public tenders under the Privatization Programme, please send an e-mail to